DQM-1903ML – QAM modulator with ASI input and RF output

Model: DQM-1903ML Manufacturer: CASTWIN

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The DQM-1903ML QAM Modulator offers a combination of features and reliability. It complies with the standard ITU-T(J.83) Annex A, B, C and is applicable for HDTV and SDTV broadcasting. The DQM-1903 can be used as a DTV broadcast modulator, tester, or a head end of an RF distribution network. The modulator includes internal high quality up-converter with variable output between 54 and 870 MHz covering full VHF and UHF band.

The DQM-1903ML offers easy control using the front panel.


  • ASI input transport stream
  • Excellent RF output
  • Supports QAM modulation
  • Supports PCR re-stamping function
  • User adjustable output level and frequency
  • Front panel control
  • QAM Modulation setting (64, 256QAM)
  • PCR Jitter: ≤ ±200 ns
  • Group Delay as ±20 ns
  • MER After Equalizer: 42dB
  • Phase Noise: VHF -105 dB@20KHz, UHF -103 dB@20KHz
  • Frequency: 54 ~ 870MHz
  • Output Level: 55±5 dBm