ZvPro 600 Series – Component or VGA 1080p Combined Encoder and Modulator

Model: ZvPro600 Manufacturer: ZeeVee Inc.

$1,325.00 USD$2,450.00 USD


ZvPro Rack Kit

2 Rack Mount Ears for ZvPro and 8 Mounting screws


The ZvPro600 series delivers digital HD video distribution over your existing coax cables from your Component or VGA HD sources. This QAM (or DVB-T), MPEG2, Encoder/Modulator unit allows for easy distribution of content of up to 1080p resolution to an unlimited number of displays, using the TV’s built-in QAM (or DVB-T) tuner, eliminating the need for expensive set-top-boxes or media players at each display. The optional IP output allows for MPEG-TS streaming over IP, to be received by IP based STB’s or for further processing by pro headend equipment. Supports front panel and web based control, as well as Dolby Digital audio encoding.

Feature Highlights

  • Distribute one or two channels of digital SD or HD up to 1080i/p throughout your entire facility over coax cable infrastructure
  • Converts up to 2 Component or VGA video sources with analog or digital audio Inputs into  Digital HD channels on QAM RF or DVB-T/C RF Frequency (depending on model)
  • Supports Dolby Digital AC-3, 5.1 audio
  • Optional IP output option. Stream MPEG-TS over your IP network.


ZvPro610-NA – 1 Channel encoder with QAM modulator
ZvPro620-NA – 2 Channel encoder with QAM modulator
ZvPro610-EU – 1 Channel encoder with DVB-T/C modulator
ZvPro620-EU – 2 Channel encoder with DVB-T/C modulator
ZvPro610i-NA, ZvPro620i-NA, ZvPro610i-EU, ZvPro620i-EU – enable IP output option.

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