ZvPro 800 Series – 1080p HDMI Encoder + QAM or DVB-T Modulator

Model: ZvPro800 Manufacturer: ZeeVee Inc.

$1,340.00 USD$2,100.00 USD



ZvPro800 series delivers high quality digital HD video distribution over your existing coax cabling from unencrypted HDMI sources, as well as providing simultaneous IP streaming with no performance compromise. This QAM (or DVB-T), MPEG2, Encoder/Modulator unit allows you to easily distribute content up to 1080p resolution to an unlimited number of displays, using the TV’s built-in QAM tuner, eliminating the need for expensive set-top-boxes or media players at each display. Its optional built-in IP streaming functions can deliver video to any media player or another IP receiver. ZvPro units can be managed either locally through the color LCD screen front panel or remotely using the Maestro web-based software. All ZeeVee units support Dolby Digital audio encoding.

ZvPro800 Versions:

– ZvPro810-NA: 1 channel encoder with QAM modulator
– ZvPro820-NA: 2 channel encoder with QAM modulator
– ZvPro810-EU: 1 channel encoder with DVB-T/C modulator
– ZvPro820-EU: 2 channel encoder with DVB-T/C modulator
– ZvPro810i-NA, ZvPro820i-NA, ZvPro810i-EU, ZvPro820i-EU: enable IP output option

zvpro800 front




  • Superior Video Quality
  • Simultaneous QAM (or DVB-T)/IP stream output (optional) with no compromise in performance
  • Supports Dolby Digital AC-3, 5.1 audio
  • Full MPEG2 support
  • I, P, and B Frames
  • Low latency
  • Support EIA/CEA-608 closed captions

Send HD Video directly to displays and/or the network

ZvPro converts your content to a private television channel that is sent over a regular coax cable – just like your existing satellite or cable box. No need for separate receiver box.

Optional IP Output

With the IP output option easily send your content over your private IP network. The ZvPro800i sends MPEG-TS based output using industry standard UDP multicast/unicast streams.