PMX41 – 4 ASI inputs MPEG multiplexer

Model: PMX41 Manufacturer: Pico Digital

$1,995.00 USD


The PMX41 is broadcast DVB-ASI multiplexer capable of combining up to 4 different ASI streams into one Multi Program Transport Stream (MPTS). The PMX41 MUX is easily controlled using a front panel interface, or a remote control based software tool.

A typical application of PMX41 would involve combining several encoders into one DVB-ASI stream that would then be sent to a modulator for further RF distribution. A low cost and reliable unit should be essential in any broadcasting headend.

PMX41 Description

  • Accepts up to 4 MPEG-2 or DVB transport streams to be combined on a single ASI output
  • Inputs may be single or multiple program streams up to 100 Mbps each from common MPEG sources such as encoders, other multiplexers, demodulators, receivers and servers, in DVB-ASI format
  • Output is single or multiple program transport stream of up to 100 mbps in DVB-ASI format suitable for modulation or other MPEG transport and processing equipment
  • Passes DVB information and assembles SDT, NIT, EIT tables when in incoming streams’ tables
  • Simple to use front panel menus allows scan of inputs including data rates of the incoming material to avoid oversubscribing the output stream
  • User selects the programs, video, audio content from each input to be passed on to the output
  • Constant output rate selectable from 5 mbps to 100 Mbps
  • Ethernet remote control with provided utility to augment front panel setup


Connector               75Ω BNC x 4
Format                    DVB-ASI (EN50083-9) (single or multiple programs TS)
Rate                        up to 100 Mbps
Packet Size             188/208 bytes (auto sense)

Connector               75Ω BNC x 1
Format                    DVB-ASI (EN50083-9) (single or multiple programs TS)
Rate                       5 to 100 Mbps, Constant rate, User selectable
Rate Resolution      1 Mbps step
Packet Size            188 bytes

Transport Stream Processing
Input Discovery                                  Scan determines content and rate
Output Configuration                         User selects programs, content per input
PID Assignment/Remapping             Auto
PSI/SI Filtering/Regeneration            Per EN 300468 (Auto PMT, SIT, TDT, EIT tables)
NIT Insertion                                      possible per PC utility

Remote Configuration
Connector                                            RJ-45
Format                                                10/100Base-T Ethernet
Protocol                                               Supplied Utility
Function                                              Load pre-defined/saved configurations, Configure/insert NIT table

Voltage                                                90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Power                                                  25 W

Size                                                     1 RU: 19 (W) x 11.2 (D) x 1.75 (H) (in.)
Weight                                                 6.5 lb.
Temperature Range                             0-50°C

PMX41 back panel

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs