VS-104D-3GSDI – H.264 1080p60 Full HD Decoder

Model: VS-104D-3GSDI Manufacturer: Marshall Electronics

$1,199.00 USD


  • 3GSDI, HDSDI, HDMI and CVBS Outputs
  • H.264 / MJPEG
  • Over 35 types of PTZ protocol
  • USB recording
  • Embedded Stereo and Analog Audio
  • Dual Power (DC/PoE)
  • RTSP / RTP / Onvif
  • Supports Max. 60FPS @ 1920 x 1080

VS-104D-3GSDI is a low cost H.264 decoder with 3GSDI, HDSDI, HDMI and CVBS Outputs. VS-104D-3GSDI is capable of decoding the RTSP stream generated by most IP cameras and encoders as well as Onvif compliant high end cameras from Axis, Bosch, Sony, Pelco and others. It can also decode broadcast standards such as UDP/RTP/Unicast/Mulsticast MPEG-TS.

VS-104D-3GSDI can decode and display A/V up to 1080p60 on a monitor.  Users can control pan, tilt and zoom for an IP Camera that is connected to the VS-104D-3GSDI via Onvif, using a keyboard controller.

RTSP/RTP/UDP  can be utilized to build a cost efficient Local Multicast Solution supporting many Decoders. VS-104D-3GSDI can decode 1 ~100 IP Camera URLs and display them using sequencing or individual selection.

The VS-104D-3GSDI not only supports Commercial resolutions like 1080P/60 but also Broadcast resolutions such as 1080i/59.94, 1080P/59.94, 720P/59.94 and 23.98.

The VS-104D-3GSDI can work with MPEG-TS compliant devices, or as a perfect decoder for the VS-103E-3GSDI encoder.


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