DTE-3100 – Networked DVB-ASI Output (IP to ASI Converter)

Model: DTE-3100 Manufacturer: DekTec
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DTE-3100   –       Networked ASI output Adapter (IP to ASI Converter)
DTE-3100-SP –   Networked ASI output Adapter (IP to ASI Converter) with StreamXpress

Pairing Networked ASI input Adapter (ASI to IP Converter) – DTE-3120 

DTE-3100 Features

  • Standalone module can either be used as compact autonomous TSoIP to ASI gateway, or as remote I/O device for PC-based applications
  • SMPTE-2022 and DTAPI mode
  • Power-over-Ethernet support: No separate power feed required
  • Advanced time-reconstruction algorithm to overcome IP jitter, with programmable size of jitter-tolerance buffer
  • Supports IP encapsulation and 2D FEC decoding according to SMPTE 2022-1/2
  • SNMP agent
  • LCD status display shows device identifier, bitrate, IP/MAC address and status
  • Uniform software access to DekTec TSoIP-, PCI- and USB devices through DTAPI
  • Install up to 14 modules in 3U 19” rack space using the DekTec rack-mountable rail, or units can be mounted on a DIN rail directly on a wall

DTE-3100 Applications

  • Autonomous IP to DVB-ASI gateway
  • With DTE-3120: Tunnelling of ASI signals over LAN, WAN or the Internet
  • Remote ASI output adapter for server-based data inserters, stream servers, multiplexers and similar systems

DTE-3100 Key Attributes

 ASI Port  Physical Layer  DVB-ASI (Coax)
 ASI Connector  75-Ω BNC (2x)
 Tx bitrate  0…214 Mbps
 Resolution  < 1 bit/s

GigE port

 Physical layer  IEEE 802.3af
 Data rate  10/100/1000
 Connector  RJ-45


 TP per IP  1 .. 7
 Encapsulation  UDP or RTP
 FEC  SMPTE 2022
 TSoIP  to ASI  Latency*  10ms
 Jitter tolerance range  1 .. 120 ms
 DVB ID  5824

* Excluding FEC reconstruction and jitter tolerance delay.


IP-address assignment DHCP or static
Multicast support IGMP v2
Device management Browser based
Network management SNMP v2c
Discovery WS-Discovery


1. DTC-300 StreamXpress – Playout  Software

StreamXpress Features

  • Low-cost, high-performance playout software that supports all DekTec output adapters
  • Endless play with optional automatic correction of continuity-counter, PCR/PTS/DTS and TDT/TOT fields
  • SOAP-based remote control to automate StreamXpress operations (DTC-302-RC option)
  • Saving and restoring playout parameters using XML-based settings file
  • Reproducible injection of errors in the transport stream with adjustable error rate
  • Easy-to-use control of modulation and channel simulation parameters

StreamXpress  Applications

  • Universal stream generator for feeding set-top boxes, digital-video processing equipment, etc.
  • Demoing your MPEG-2 equipment
  • Test-signal generator for ATE environments

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