DTA-2139C – Twelve-Channel Cable/Terrestrial Receiver for PCI Express

Model: DTA-2139B Manufacturer: DekTec

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DTA-2139C    –     Twelve-channel cable/terrestrial receiver for PCI Express bus
    –     Twelve-channel cable/terrestrial receiver for PCI Express bus with StreamXpert Lite
DTA-2139C-VR-SL     –     Twelve-channel cable/terrestrial receiver for PCI Express bus with VF-Rec stream recorder and  StreamXpert Lite
DTA-2139C-SX     –     Twelve-channel cable/terrestrial receiver for PCI Express bus with StreamXpert
DTA-2139C-X48     –     Twelve-channel cable/terrestrial receiver for PCI Express bus with 48 Xpect Mosaic points for full in-depth monitoring of all 12 channels

DTA-2139C Features

  • Twelve independent receivers on a single PCIe card, compliant with QAM J.83 Annex A (DVB-C), B, C, DVB-C2, and terrestrial (DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, ATSC 1.0, ATSC 3.0). Each tuner is tunable to any frequency in VHF or UHF band.
  • Applications have access to the complete Transport Stream for each channel
  • Each channel provides reception status, RF level, MER and BER
  • Programming interface (DTAPI) is fully compatible with other DekTec adapters

DTA-2139C Applications

  • Monitoring of cable and terrestrial networks with DekTec’s Xpect Mosaic software
  • Receiving FTA terrestrial programs and remultiplexing them to a cable network


Block Diagram

The RF input signal is amplified and split, feeding twelve receivers. Each receiver consists of a chip tuner, chip demodulator and an optimized DMA controller.


DTA-2139C Key Attributes

Modulation standards*:
– QAM-A (DVB-C) EN 300 429
– QAM-B ITU J.83 Annex B
– QAM-C ITU J.83 Annex C
– DVB-C2 EN 302 769
– DVB-T EN 300 744
– DVB-T2 EN 302 755 v1.3.1 (T2 Lite) DTG 6.2/7, NorDig-U v2.2
– ATSC 1.0 (8VSB)
– ATSC 3.0 (4 PLPs/receiver)
Note: ATSC 3 ‘Korean mode’ (TTAK.KO-07.0127) is not supported.

* All modulation standards are included in the base product; no options need to be purchased.

Number of channels 12
Tuning range 42 .. 1002MHz (VHF, UHF)
Input Sensitivity -80 .. -20dBm
Antenna input 75-Ω F female
Bandwidth  up to 8 Mhz per channel
Symbol rate 1.7 to 7.2 MBd
Metrology RF Level, MER, BER
PCI-Express label PCIe gen1 x4


Software Description

1StreamXpert – Transport Stream Analyser Software

  • Real-time analysis, monitoring and recording of MPEG-2 transport streams
  • Recording based on duration, size or manual
  • Provides detailed statistics on the PIDs, services and tables found in the transport stream
  • Displays PIDs, services, tables, descriptors, stream information and PID-grid (compact overview of all PIDs)
  • User definable TR 101 290 templates
  • PCR analysis
  • Measurement of bitrates, PCR-accuracy and interval
  • Integrated SD/HD video and audio decoder with support for MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, AVS, 4:2:2 and 10 bit video streams and MP1 / MP2 / (HE-)AAC / Dolby AC3 / Dolby AC4 audio
  • Deep decoding of PSI, DVB-SI, DVB-RCS and ATSC-PSIP tables and descriptors
  • Closed captions decoding
  • SI decoding with user templates, Dolby AC4 analysis, multi-monitor support
  • Support for analysing TS-over-IP streams via a DTA-2160 / DTA-2162 or a local network port
  • The world’s most cost-effective and user-friendly transport-stream analyser

2.  StreamXpert Lite – Light-weight version of StreamXpert for viewing and recording transport-stream contents, and for decoding audio and video.

                                                             StreamXpert           StreamXpert Lite

Ribbon based GUI                                        ✓                               ✓
List with properties of all PIDs                        ✓                               –
List with properties of all services                   ✓                               partial
List with properties of all tables                      ✓                                –
Video Decoding
HEVC                                                         ✓                                ✓
AVC                                                           ✓                                ✓
AVS                                                           ✓                                ✓
MPEG-2                                                      ✓                                ✓
4:2:2                                                          ✓                                –
10-bit                                                         ✓                                –
Full screen mode                                          ✓                                ✓
Multi-monitor support                                    ✓                                ✓
Audio Decoding
HE-AAC                                                       ✓                                ✓
AAC                                                            ✓                                ✓
E-AC-3                                                        ✓                                ✓
AC-3                                                           ✓                                ✓
MPEG-1 Layer II                                            ✓                                ✓
Supported Interfaces
DekTec input adapters                                  ✓                                 ✓
PC network ports                                         ✓                                 ✓
Custom table and descriptor templates            ✓                                  –
PID Grid, graphical overview of all PIDs             ✓                                  –
Dolby AC-4 analysis                                       ✓                                  –
Manual mode                                               ✓                                  ✓
Size based                                                   ✓                                  ✓
Duration based                                             ✓                                  ✓
Measurement and Compliance
TR 101 290 priority 1, 2 and 3                       ✓                                  –
Bitrate                                                        ✓                                  partial
PCR graphs                                                  ✓                                  –
PCR accuracy                                               ✓                                  –
PCR interval                                                 ✓                                  –
PCR frequency offset                                    ✓                                  –


3. VF-Rec – Advanced transport-stream/SDI recorder

  • Advanced recorder for TS, ETI, SDI, I/Q samples and T2MI.
  • Allows to do continuous recording and remote control through SNMP
  • Record to a single file, to multiple files or continuous
  • SDI recording 10-bit full frame, up to 3G-SDI
  • Remote monitoring and control through SNMP

4.  Xpect Mosaic – 24/7 TS monitoring and multiviewer
• Software package that combines 24/7 transport-stream monitoring with a fully configurable multiviewer (Mosaic) of decoded video, audio bars and monitoring status.
• Continuous status indication and access to event log information using the Web interface.
• Remote configuration-tool for easy definition and uploading of TR 101 290, template matching profiles and mosaic lay-out.
• Software-based solution that runs on standard PC hardware.
• Xpect Mosaic requires purchasing 1/2 point per SPTS (one TV service), 1/4 point per SPTS (audio-only) and 4 points per MPTS.


  • 24/7 network supervision.
  • Automated equipment test and validation.
  • Fully customizable OEM multi viewer.



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