Osprey 100e – Analog Video Capture Card

Model: Osprey 100e Manufacturer: Osprey Video

$209.00 USD

The Osprey 100e is analog video capture card for Windows and Linux. It features three RCA composite and one S-video input with software-based switching that allows you to toggle between sources. It does not have an audio input.

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Osprey 100e  –  Analog Video Capture Card


Analog Video Capture for Video Only Workflows

The Osprey 100e is a PCIe analog video capture card that offers high-quality video at a reasonable cost. This low-profile, single-channel card has four switchable inputs (three composite and one S-Video) and is compatible with Microsoft® DirectShow® applications.
This card is a great solution where audio is not required. The PCIe bus makes it compatible with most modern PCs.

Ideal for Mission Critical Video Capture

  • 3 composite (RCA)
  • 1 S-Video (mini-DIN)

Multiple Card Support
Deploy two or more cards in a single PC chassis for maximum versatility.

Driver Support

  • Microsoft® DirectShow® drivers are available for compatibility with most software.
  • Linux
  • Windows SDK lets you create custom applications.

Driver Based Pre-Processing

  • Closed-caption extraction/rendering
  • Logo/bitmap overlay
  • Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing and inverse telecine


  • Medical
  • Surveillance/security
  • Live streaming
  • Scientific
  • ATM machines


Description: Single channel composite video/no audio

PCIe x1
Slots: x1, x4, x8, or x16
PCIe 1.1

Video Input: Composite (3 x RCA), S-Video (1 x mini-DIN)

Video Connector: Composite (3 x RCA), S-Video (1 x mini-DIN)

Video Modes:
720 x 480 29.97, 30/i (NTSC)
720 x 576 25/i (PAL)

5.00” L x 2.71” H (12.70 cm L x 6.88 cm H)
Low profile/half length

Weight: ≈ 42 g

Power Consumption: 2.62 W

Operating Temp Range: 0° to 40° C

Non-Operating Temp Range: -40° to +75° C

Rel Humidity Operating: Between 5 % and 80 % (noncondensing)

Rel Humidity Non-Operating: 95 % RH (non-condensing); gradient 30% per hour

Operating Altitude Range: 0 to 3,048 meters (10,000 feet)

Non-Operating Altitude Range: 0 to 15,240 meters (50,000 feet)

Warranty: 1 year limited hardware warranty

Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS, WEEE

In the box: Low-profile bracket

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