Mini-Modulator ATSC or DVB-C Standalone Modulator

Model: Mini-Modulator Manufacturer: AdvancedDigital Inc.

$1,200.00 USD



The only type of this product on the market!

Low Cost ATSC (8VSB) or DVB-C (QAM) Standalone RF modulator!

Perfect For:

  • Direct video distribution to ATSC/DVB-C televisions
  • Digital Signage network
  • STB testing and development
  • Home digital video distribution



The Mini-Modulator is a small standalone modulator that can support either ATSC (8VSB) or DVB-C (QAM) modulation, depending on the purchased configuration.

While similar products exist, the Mini-Modulator’s small size and low cost makes it a unique product in a competitive market.

The Mini-Modulator can input DVB-ASI or SMPTE-310M and output industry standard ATSC/DVB-C RF signal. This signal can be decoded by standard North American television sets.

Configuration is simple and does not require any external sources. Contact us if you would like to view the back panel


RF Output

RF Output Frequency 50 MHz to 870 GHz
Frequency resolution 6 MHz min.
Warm-up time 5 minutes (typ.)
Freq. Stability vs. Temp. D±2 ppm max.
modulation 8VSB
Spectral Purity
Phase Noise@1 KHz offset ≤ -90 dBc/Hz (500 MHz)
Phase Noise@10 KHz offset ≤ -95 dBc/Hz (500 MHz)
Output PWR. (ATSC) -30 dBm
Output PWR Accuracy(ATSC) ±3 dB max.
RF Output Port
RF Output port 75ohm, F type female, DC-coupled
Max. DC input ±50 VDC max.


ASI IN 0~108Mbps
IN Port
ASI IN 5 minutes (typ.)
Max. DC input D±2 ppm max.


ASI IN 19.392Mbps
IN Port
ASI IN 75ohm, BNC type female, DC-coupled
Max. DC input ±50 VDC max..


Input power +5 VDC, USB 2.0 bus powered, no power supply required.
Lowest Power Consumption 2.5 Watt (max.)
Dimensions (L)mm x (W)76.8mm x (H)28.4mm
Weight 0.35 kg (max.)
Calibration 1 year
Operating temperature 0 to +50 ℃
Relative humidity 90%
Storage temperature -20 to +70 ℃


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs