Cobalt BBG-2OE-MK2 – SDI/ASI/MADI Fiber Optic Dual Transport Receiver

Model: BBG-2OE-MK2 Manufacturer: Cobalt Digital

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Ordering Info:

BBG-2OE-MK2-ST   –  3G/HD/SD-SDI /ASI /MADI Fiber Optic Dual Transport Receiver (Type ST fiber connector)

BBG-2OE-MK2-FC   –  3G/HD/SD-SDI /ASI /MADI Fiber Optic Dual Transport Receiver (Type FC fiber connector)

BBG-2OE-MK2-LC   –  3G/HD/SD-SDI /ASI /MADI Fiber Optic Dual Transport Receiver (Type LC fiber connector)

Note: includes PS4 – Universal Power Supply, UL/CSA. Input: 100-240V, 60/50 Hz. Output: 5 VDC @ 12 Watts, and Mini-USB Cable for Aux Power.

Mounting option:
BBG-MB   –   Mounting bracket

The BBG-MB Mounting Bracket provides rigid, secure mounting of the unit. Heavy-gauge steel construction with a reinforced mounting flange and several mounting holes provides clean, physically secure mounting for even the most demanding mobile applications.

BBG-2OE-MK2 Features:

  • Dual independent fiber-to-coax paths – all in one easy to use throw-down box
  • Full support of 5Mbps thru 3Gbps transport conversions, with seamless auto-mode EQ/ reclocking. No switches to set for different payloads.
  • Compatible with SMPTE 424M, 292M, 259M, 310M, M2S, DVB-ASI, and MADI audio
  • Dual-channel input lock status indicators. Optical Rx power meter fields allow optical Rx confidence assessment.
  • Error-free pathological support. Full compatibility with other BlueBox™ Coax/Fiber units.
  • Compact size and low weight design easily affixes directly to camera or host device chassis. Optional BBG-MB mounting bracket provides rigid, secure mounting to mounting surfaces.
  • SFP-based OE converters provides state-of-the-art fiber performance, power consumption, and compactness.
  • Available with ST, LC, or FC fiber termination
  • Powers directly from host equipment USB or standard corded power adapter. USB power and corded adapter can be simultaneously used to provide redundant power sourcing.

The Blue Box BBG-2OE-MK2 Fiber-To-Coax converter unit is a part of the Blue Box Group™ of compact, rugged, and portable converter boxes. Super-easy to use, BBG-2OE-MK2 supports SMPTE 424M, 292M, and 259M as well as ASI and MADI audio.
Auto-mode EQ/reclocking automatically sets to the signal type being received while allowing unrecognized formats to be safely passed without reclocking (auto-reclock can also be manually disabled). Its wide operating range (from 5Mbps to 3Gbps) flexibly supports most professional digital serial communications.
Fully error-free pathological pattern operation is fully compatible with other professional fiber video interfaces. An SFP-based OE converters provides state-of-the-art fiber performance, power consumption, and compactness.

BBG-2OE-MK2 receives its operating power via a USB connection or using an AC adapter connection. These power sources can be simultaneously used to provide redundant power sourcing.



5-16 VDC, 2.4 W
DC Power Connectors
USB Mini and coaxial locking connector (for use with supplied Cobalt power adapter)

Standards/Data Rates Supported
SMPTE 424M, 292M, 259M, 344M, 305M, DVB-ASI
5Mbps to 3Gbps pathological pattern operation
(does not support AES-3id audio or other standards using data rates < 5Mbps)

2x Fiber inputs. FC, ST, or LC connectors per ordered configuration (see Ordering Info)
Wavelength: 1260 to 1620 nm
Sensitivity/Input Usable Range: -18 dBm min; -1 dBm max

2x 75Ω BNC. Reclocking automatically engaged for recognized signal standards; bypassed for unrecognized standards.
Return Loss: >18 dBm up to 270 MHz

Dimensions (WxHxD)
5.5” x 3” x 1” (including connector projections)
(139 x 77 x 26 mm)

Operating Temperature Range 
32°F to 122°F
(0°C to 50°C)

Note: Specifications subject to change.


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Weight 2 lbs